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Who Are We?

We are Lesbi-Educated: Teaching Out of the Closet. As Educators, we are both passionate about the fight for equity in education. As queer people, we are especially dedicated to making schools safe, inclusive, and equitable for queer students. This podcast is our platform to discuss all things education, with an emphasis on the experiences of LGBTQAI+ students in schools across the country. 

Joyce Giuhat

Joyce has endless energy and SO much fire. She's a deep-thinker, fast-talker and she doesn't waste any time. When she's not busy convincing teenagers that math is cool, you can probably find her lost in an art project, surrounded by cats. 

Find her on Instagram:

Lesbieducated-8 EDIT 1.heic

Libby Goertz

Libby is a "do no harm, take no shit" kind of girl. Empathy is her superpower, and she lives to help little humans with big hearts achieve big dreams. Catch her on a black diamond, with a glass of wine in her hand.  

Find her on Instagram:

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